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Mark worked so hard to get me into my home today. He had my best interest in mind the whole time and made the process of buying a home very smooth. If you need a realtor, he is the person to ask! He will listen to you and help get you into the best home possible.

-J. McClaugherty

“We recently purchased a house with Mark’s help. I can’t find the right word but he is the BEST realtor. He is very quick and responsive. And he cares about you. Without his support, we wouldn’t be sitting down and relaxing in our new home now. He was introduced by my mother in law. As she always says, Mark is the one who to ask!! We highly recommend him!!

-A. Kato

“Working with Mark was an absolute pleasure! My wife and I were first time home-buyers and Mark could not be more helpful in explaining processes and answering all of our questions. We even ran into some banking issues and Mark was right there in our corner, making calls and drafting emails to make sure everyone ELSE was doing the job that they were supposed to. I don’t even know what we could have done without Mark’s help and expertise. What could have been a real nightmare became a breeze with Mark there to guide us along.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Mark for his services!

-M. Cramer

“Mark is the best! He has been my realtor in a variety of scenarios including purchases and sales of investment and inherited properties. I will always rely on Mark due to his outstanding knowledge of market conditions coupled with an eye toward every detail. No aspect of the process is overlooked while Mark works thoughtfully, quickly, responsively, and with my best interest at heart. As an added bonus, he is a great guy!

-S. Cramer

“One of the most professional and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with. With his expertise in structural engineering and A+ negotiating skills I saved TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and was confident with my investment. I have referred MANY friends and family to Mark because of his integrity and high level of customer service-he is the BEST!!

-R. Clint

“I’ve worked with Mark many times, and he always does a great job!

-M. Shotnik

“My husband and I have been working with Mark since 2016, he has helped us buy two homes and sell one. Mark is trustworthy and easy to work with, the value he has contributed to our buying & selling experiences can’t be beat.
Mark is personable, knowledgeable and patient. We were never easy clients, I’m picky and can be indecisive. In Denver’s competitive market, he helped set clear expectations for us, always provided his honest opinion, and made time to show us properties on short notice. His passion and motivation for his work shows through every interaction. We were impressed with how he asked us all the right questions, never made any assumptions, and took the time to explained things to us in a clear and simple way (sometimes multiple times!) He is easy to communicate with, very responsive and talks through his strategy to make sure you fully understand all risks and benefits every step of the way.
Mark is someone who always looked out for our best interest, even if it went against our impulse. He never cut corners and always made sure we were making smart decisions that would yield a good return on our investment.
When we closed on our last property, he may have been more excited for us than we were 🙂
Mark is a genuine, experienced real estate agent. We have learned so much from Mark and are forever grateful to him. He truly goes above and beyond.

-D. Kellogg

“I can’t say enough good things about Mark. He was so responsive and personable. We always felt like he had our best interests in mind and adeptly helped us navigate purchasing our first home in an intense market. Mark is an excellent negotiator who saved us tens of thousands of dollars on the inspection. I enthusiastically recommend him to everyone who is thinking of purchasing a home in the Denver area.

-E. Zerger

“Mark Baker helped us with the purchase and sale of our home this summer. We have had several real estate agents in the past, and have found Mark to exceed what we expected in an agent. He helped us negotiate the nuances and challenges of this COVID19-impacted market. He was professional yet friendly as we prepared our home for sale and for our new home search. He was always happy to accommodate our requests in both arenas and provided insight and expertise that not only helped us sell our home but find our dream home. We highly recommend Mark to anyone in the market.

-S. Koziolkowsky

Mark is an amazing realtor. We used him to purchase our condo 5 years ago and then to sell it recently during the pandemic. I cannot recommend Mark enough. From start to finish he is diligent all the way through. He will not lead you wrong. In fact when we first started with him he told us he  had a certain set of rules he followed and that he would not help us purchase the home we originally contacted him about. We were a little off put at the time, but now as we look back are so thankful he helped us avoid that mess. Mark flips houses himself so he knows and can see things that many other realtors do not even consider and this can be very advantageous when buying or selling your house. If you are looking for a good real estate agent Mark is your professional.

-C. Yarne

“Mark was super easy to work with. His experience and knowledge with the housing market was spot-on! The pictures he took showed our home in the best possible light and we sold our home in one day! We could not have been more pleased.

-The Crums

“Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was funny, personal, and extremely knowledgable. Mark helped us land a house profile and cull our absurdly long list of “maybes” down to a thoughtful list of “we like these a lot.” When it came to making an offer and everything that followed, he continued to impress us and advocate for us. Mark is excellent at what he does, and he loves what he does. We loved buying our home because of Mark. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

-T. Pares

“Mark has recently helped us with the purchase and sale of our home. We have had several real estate agents in the past, and have found Mark to exceed what we expected in an agent. He was diligent, and friendly in our search, and went above and beyond in our sale. He was always happy to accommodate our requests in both arenas and provided insight and expertise that not only helped us in our listing, but also gave us a greater sense of confidence in our new home search. We highly recommend Mark to anyone in the market.

-A. Koziolkowsky

“Mark was great to work with on both the sale of our current home and purchase of our new one. He scheduled showings for us immediately and anytime we asked him to, which was super important in our competitive market, and was super responsive and communicative with us throughout the entire buying/selling process. He has a construction background so looked at the houses we were considering with that perspective and was able to identify any potential issues in a home and also help speak the same language as our appraiser and inspector, which ended up saving us thousands of dollars. Mark is dedicated to his clients and helped us stay positive throughout a stressful time, especially due to COVID-19. We are so lucky to have worked with him and highly recommend him.

-J. Ricciardi

I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, or connect with someone who is an expert in owning rental properties.

I met Mark while visiting an open house and began talking about getting into rental properties as well as moving to a new home. Two months later we are in an  amazing new home in Highlands Ranch and turned our original home into an investment property. We have a signed lease from a great family who will be moving into our rental in 2 weeks.

I could not have accomplished all of this without Mark’s help. We were dealing with not-so-typical sellers and it took some negotiating to get us a great deal, which came in under asking price and instantly appraised for 2.5% above asking. Even after closing a couple odd things came up and Mark handled them for us. His confidence and experience allowed us to sleep well at night knowing that we were in good hands and his response time is beyond impressive – I’m not really sure if the guy sleeps! We highly recommend Mark and would definitely work with him again in the future.

-J. Pierce

“I’ve known Mark for several years now, and he’s my go-to for all of my real estate needs because he’s the best out there! He’s super personable while also being highly knowledgeable of the industry and market. I highly recommend Mark Baker to anyone in the Denver area looking to buy or sell a home!”

-A. Lemmertz

Mark showed my wife and I homes in the Denver area. The only reason I couldn’t give Mark 5 stars for negotiation is my relocation fell through and I did not end up purchasing a home.

One thing I really did appreciate was Mark did a lot of the preliminary work before showing homes. For  example Mark called many listing realtors to find out what homes had negotiation room or were fairly firm. This helped to streamline showings as in my opinion everything we looked at was both a nice house and in my price range.

-R. Whitcomb

Mark is an excellent RE Broker. My son and I were looking for a condo in central Denver for 2 reasons: initially a place for my son to live and rent the 2nd bedroom and then as investment properly that we would jointly own. At our initial meeting, Mark gave my son a new buyers notebook full of  all the information that a new buyer would need, including a glossary of real estate terms, as well as references for Loans, Inspections, maintenance, etc. He is very responsive via email, text and phone. He respected our criteria and budget limits and only showed us properties that met our criteria. Since Mark also invests in rental properties, his perspective was invaluable. We saw a few condos and had a contract within 48 hrs. The post contract to close period negotiations saved us an additional $8,000+. Overall a very positive experience. I will recommend Mark to my friends and associates.

-C. Weinstein

Mark is extremely helpful and pro-active with his real estate skills. Not only did he follow through with everything that he said he would do, he valued my input and opinions and also protected my interests very well.

His knowledge of construction is invaluable when it comes to his  assistance in selecting the right property. And he is very good at negotiating both pricing and scheduling for his clients.

Working with Mark Baker as my real estate agent was easily the best decision I made with it came to my recent purchase and sale. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent agent, and I plan on utilizing Mark again in the near future.”

-L. Lemmertz

Our experience with building a new home has its challenges, as expected, but Mark did a exceptional job at representing us, fighting for what was right, and most importantly serving us with the most professionalism a real estate agent could provide. Mark was a huge asset in our journey, which  enabled us to get the home of our dreams. Mark’s knowledge of how a home is built, the process, and outside contacts are unprecedented and make him an invaluable and vital partner in real estate purchasing!

-R. Crum

“Mark is an outstanding realtor to work with.  He helped us not only purchase our first home several years ago, but came through for us again with outstanding expertise, patience, and skilled negotiating to help us purchase our dream home and sell our first home.  When communication broke down with  opposing realtors, Mark had our back and truly went the extra mile to protect our interests and make sure we had the best outcomes.  He kept us perfectly up to date and made sure our dreams became our reality!”

-M. McGee

“Mark has been exceptional to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Denver market and carries great experience. Mark helps you easily navigate purchasing or selling a home with ease. I highly recommend work with Mark Baker!”

-S. Gagnon

“Mark has been wonderful to work with!

From the first meeting, you can tell that Mark takes your home-selling and home-buying goals seriously. He is quick to respond to inquires, doesn’t skimp on the marketing needs for the sale of your home, keeps your expectations in check and walks you through  what would otherwise be a complicated process.

Thanks Mark for helping us sell at a great rate and buy the home of our dreams!”

-P. Kellogg

“If you’re in search of a top notch agent, than search no more! Mark is one of the best in the business. I’ve worked with him both professionally and personally,and he provides the same level of service to all of his clients. He’s extremely knowledgeable in the market, and will make sure you’re  getting the best deal possible. He’s very responsive and will answer all of your questions/concerns to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process.

I would highly recommend Mark!”

-M. Benson

“Mark Baker went above and beyond for my family over any other realtor we’ve worked with in the Denver area. His professionalism and input helped us find the perfect home to buy and sell. Strong communication skills, coupled with listening to clients needs – he was on top of all inquires and  possibilities. He knows his field and we will continue to work with him as we grow our investment properties. We have highly recommended him to family and friends and he has come thru for every single one of them.”

-B. McCandless

“Mark has helped me purchase two properties now and in both cases he was good at getting an initial discount on the asking price and then getting more concessions from inspection items.

Earlier this year he helped me buy an investment/rental property where he got me more income than I would  have expected by leaning me towards a duplex.  The seller in this case was particularly difficult to work with, but Mark got him to pay for inspection items still.  Recently Mark helped me to buy a home for primary residence as well.

I’ve used two other agents in the past and in neither case I felt like I got the best deal.  Mark has been excellent at advising me on what I should offer/ask for and then delivering on those.  I would recommend him 100%.”

-P. Lemmertz

“Excellent communicator. Aggressive tactics (only when needed in a seller’s market). His response time was under an hour ALWAYS, if not a few minutes most of the time. He guided us through every tactic we could employ for the buying process to make us a more valuable contender in this market.”

-Cloud Family

“I highly recommend Mark, he knows the Denver market better than anyone I know. He knew what we needed and he helped us find the perfect home. Without his knowledge and hard work we would not get our house.”

-M. Gacon

“Working with Mark was an incredible experience, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home! He has a wealth of knowledge that leaves you feeling safe and informed, and his friendly and calm demeanor makes you feel relaxed and like you’re working with a friend who truly cares  about what’s best for you. We were purchasing our first home and Mark thoroughly explained every step of the process and answered all of our questions (there were a lot!) with a smile. We trusted him implicitly and felt so comforted. We were also looking for a fixer upper, and Mark’s background and expertise in that area is incredible. If you’re looking to feel supported and informed in the process of purchasing a home while working with a truly amazing human, Mark is your person!”

-L. Fronteria

“Mark goes above and beyond to serve his clients needs.”

-J. Inlow

“If there was a better rating than ‘A’, Mark would get it. He was absolutely instrumental in helping us purchase our first home this year. He was always quick to respond to all of our nervous emails, patient as we went through house after house that we didn’t like, showed us the pro and cons of all  of our options, and when it came time to put an offer on THE house, he put together a fantastic package for us. We are absolutely positive that we would not have gotten our house if it wasn’t for Mark. Working with Mark was such a pleasure. Some of the above and beyond things that I really enjoyed about working with Mark is that he would sit down with us and figure out what we wanted and then go check out like 20 properties before showing us only a select few that he would recommend us living in based on what we wanted. That kind of filtering saved us time and he did this multiple times until we found the house we fell in love with. He also answered all of our questions. We had no idea what we were doing, but he helped us along, held our hand, and even gave us a first time home buying guide that walks you through the process and what to watch out for so we could always refer to it, even though he walked us through the entire thing anyway.

Mark was always willing to put in the extra effort to answer our questions, to make sure we were happy with our decisions, and let us know how the market/area looked. I would highly recommend Mark for your real estate agent!!!!! I will definitely use him again!”

-K. Blaylock

“Mark was THE KEY to getting my challenging property sold. He hustled like nobody else when things became bogged down in red tape. I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Mark because his attitude, tenacity, respect for BOTH the buyer and seller, and overall professionalism were tops in his field. Kudos and respect to one of the best!”

-R. Bishop

“Mark had a challenge with my husband and I since we were often on different sides of what we wanted in our new home! Mark did a great job listening to both of us to ultimately get a house we were both going to love. Mark is a great Realtor and I have heard nothing but positive comments from the friends and family we have referred to him.”

-T. and R. Mead *Negotiated 27k off original list price.

“This particular investment property was ideal for my exact needs. There were no hidden surprises throughout the process and the end result met all my personal goals. Your quality of service is top notch. From the beginning of the house hunting process to the end sale, your advice has been extremely helpful and your service has been both timely and professional.”

-D. McCandless *Approximately $150k made in 6 months

“Mark was always available to take my calls and respond to emails. He even took up my cause with one lender. I could not have asked for better service.”

-S. Cramer.​ *Negotiated 14k off original list price.

“You got me more cash flow than I could have ever expected in my investment property. You are my third Realtor and the only one I would recommend! Great Job!”

-P. Lemmertz *Negotiated 43k off original list price and makes substantial profit every month.

“In a very competitive market, Mark used his knowledge to not only find us a great house, but also closed it under list price. This is the third Realtor we have worked with in the past two years. Mark has a far superior approach to communication, as well negotiating on his client’s behalf.”

​ -J. and D. Webb *Negotiated 10k off list price.

“Mark is very detailed and a great combination of aggressive without being pushy. I’ve used him personally and I’d strongly recommend him. He was able to navigate through some difficult problems that came up (and do in every transaction) and steer the ship home safely. I would happily use him again.”

-D. MacLeay. *Negotiated 27k off list price and should make about $121,000 in 4 months

“One thing I really did appreciate was Mark did a lot of the preliminary work before showing homes. For example Mark called many listing realtors to find out what homes had negotiation room or were fairly firm. This helped to streamline showings as in my opinion everything we looked at was both a nice house and in my price range. Thank you Mark”

-R. Whitcomb. *Out of State Buyer, did not end up purchasing.

“It was a true pleasure working with Mark! He regularly went above and beyond in helping us both sell our home and purchase our new home. He was truly a trusted advisor and it was clear he had our best interest in mind at all times. Mark made the process seamless and helped manage all aspects of  the process. We would absolutely recommend Mark.”

-R. Stout.

“Mark is the ultimate real estate professional. Selling in a hot market, people asked why we used a realtor, well Mark helped us make better choices and made more money than if we went with a base price option or for sale by owner. We couldn’t have been more happy to have Mark on our side through  the entire process. Mark’s passion for the business sets him apart from everyone else. Get him on your side!”

– R. Crum.

“Mark is perfection! This is the second time we have worked with him in both buying and selling capacities and it couldn’t have gone smoother. Mark knows his stuff and knows the market. He was able to find and negotiate a house for us that was our Dream House and was sought after by many other  people. He also sold our current house in one day for a substantial amount of money over asking. We couldn’t be more thrilled with Mark. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and a shrewd negotiator. He is always up-to-date with market trends and made the buying and selling process a pure pleasure. We have recommended him to numerous friends and family and they have been ecstatic with his work as well. I would never use another realtor other than Mark! I guarantee that if you use him, he will give you 110% and exceed all expectations!”

-A. Englander.

“My wife and I could not be any more pleased with an agent than we were with Mark Baker! Mark’s knowledge of the market in Denver and surrounding area is amazing! He knows how homes are priced and whether they are high vs. low. He is constantly doing his research. We started our search with Mark  in November by giving him some requirements on what we were looking for. By early December, Mark and team found a home that matched our needs. After our first showing, we decided to put in an offer. We trusted Mark with every step of the way – asking price (should we go lower/higher?), time for response, etc. This paid off for us in a big way! We were able to secure our home with our offer – UNDER asking price. After the initial negotiations were done and we were under contract, Mark and team took care of us the entire way to closing! Mark only gets people that he trusts to assist on his team – inspectors, etc. With a few minor issues in the inspection, Mark was able to get another $5k for us on the purchase price! He is a firm, but respectful negotiator. Throughout the entire process, Mark’s team was in communication with us on paperwork, deadlines, etc. His team pays very close attention to their customers, and understands the process they are going through. I wouldn’t recommend another agent in the Denver area besides Mark Baker! He’s the best!”

-R. White

“Mark came highly recommended and surpassed every expectation. His experience and expertise were the sole reason my offer was accepted. Throughout the closing process, Mark stayed on top of each step, excelled with all negotiations, and was always available to answer questions. I look forward to  working with him again in the future.”

-N. Schoemer

“Mark was more than we could have asked for or expected in a realtor. He never stopped negotiating and working on our behalf throughout the entire process. He has a team in place to make sure that no detail or deadline is missed and I always appreciated Mark listening to our needs and finding  properties (sometimes outside the box) until we found the perfect place. That type of knowledge and vision is hard to find! Working with Mark was such a welcomed experience compared to other realtors we had worked with in the past. We wouldn’t look into buying or selling our properties with anyone else.”

-B. Blaustein

“I have dealt with many agents previous to Mark and have found Mark Baker to be far superior in all respects. His knowledge of market trends, his negotiating skills, and understanding of my preferences all combine to make Mark Baker the best agent in Denver.”

-D. McCandless

“Mark was such a pleasure to work with. He was both our buyer’s agent and our listing agent. He is the third agent I have worked with and I am convinced that I will never work with anyone else. Mark goes above and beyond for his clients! On the seller’s side, his listings truly shine. He knows what  buyers are looking for and as a result, our condo was sold for above the asking price in less than a day. On the buyer’s side Mark is the hardest working buyer’s agent I have ever seen. My husband and I gave him our house budget and specifications and Mark got right to work. Mark went to look at over 30 houses within our specifications and picked the best five to show us. It was so wonderful to have him weed out houses for us and only show us ones that he truly believed we would love! It saved us so much valuable time. Mark never showed us a house that he would not consider buying himself.

Another aspect of Mark’s process that I really admire is that he respected our budget and only showed us houses that fit within this range. I have seen many agents show their clients houses that are out of their budget in order to increase the commission that they are paid. Mark does not do this! He wants every buyer to feel comfortable with their new home, both the living space and financially.

I must also mention that Mark has a background in construction. I never realized how valuable this asset is until it came time for our home inspection. Mark knows the inspectors to use and knows what to look for in order for his clients to purchase a home that is in tip-top shape. If there are repairs that are needed on a home Mark knows where to send his clients to get them the best value and will be instrumental in helping clients ease this stress.

All in all, I can’t say enough about how hard Mark works for his clients. He truly will not rest until they are satisfied. This is a rare quality to find in someone these days. My husband and I loved working with him. We are smitten with our new house and have been recommending Mark to all of our friends. Please give Mark Baker a call. I know you will enjoy working with him and much as we did!”

-A. Englander

“Mark was excellent! In this seller’s market, we needed his expertise and selling tactics to really push the envelope for our sellers. We were able to get the house of our dreams! Our kids still talk about Mark like he is extended family or something because he was so kind to them and tremendously responsive/detail-oriented.”

-Cloud Family

“In a word, Mark was AWESOME. He took on a difficult, remote plot of vacant land and did a masterful job of proactively and tirelessly promoting and showing it. Even though it was probably one of his lower-dollar projects, he always showed his equal commitment and professionalism with every high and low of working towards a sale. I always felt completely taken-care-of and full communicated-with. He made the process about as easy as it could possibly be for me. He was recommended to me, and I fully and gladly pass along that recommendation to anyone.”