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“Mark had a challenge with my husband and I since we were often on different sides of what we wanted in our new home! Mark did a great job listening to both of us to ultimately get a house we were both going to love. Mark is a great Realtor and I have heard nothing but positive comments from the friends and family we have referred to him.


-T. and R. Mead *Negotiated 27k off original list price.

“This particular investment property was ideal for my exact needs. There were no hidden surprises throughout the process and the end result met all my personal goals. Your quality of service is top notch. From the beginning of the house hunting process to the end sale, your advice has been extremely helpful and your service has been both timely and professional.”


-D. McCandless *Approximately $150k made in 6 months

“Mark was always available to take my calls and respond to emails. He even took up my cause with one lender. I could not have asked for better service.”


-S. Cramer.​ *Negotiated 14k off original list price.

“You got me more cash flow than I could have ever expected in my investment property. You are my third Realtor and the only one I would recommend! Great Job!”

-P. Lemmertz *Negotiated 43k off original list price and makes substantial profit every month.

“In a very competitive market, Mark used his knowledge to not only find us a great house, but also closed it under list price. This is the third Realtor we have worked with in the past two years. Mark has a far superior approach to communication, as well negotiating on his client’s behalf.”

​ -J. and D. Webb *Negotiated 10k off list price.

“Mark is very detailed and a great combination of aggressive without being pushy. I’ve used him personally and I’d strongly recommend him. He was able to navigate through some difficult problems that came up (and do in every transaction) and steer the ship home safely. I would happily use him again.”


-D. MacLeay. *Negotiated 27k off list price and should make about $121,000 in 4 months

“One thing I really did appreciate was Mark did a lot of the preliminary work before showing homes. For example Mark called many listing realtors to find out what homes had negotiation room or were fairly firm. This helped to streamline showings as in my opinion everything we looked at was both a nice house and in my price range. Thank you Mark”


-R. Whitcomb. *Out of State Buyer, did not end up purchasing.

It was a true pleasure working with Mark! He regularly went above and beyond in helping us both sell our home and purchase our new home. He was truly a trusted advisor and it was clear he had our best interest in mind at all times. Mark made the process seamless and helped manage all aspects of  the process. We would absolutely recommend Mark.


-R. Stout.

Mark is the ultimate real estate professional. Selling in a hot market, people asked why we used a realtor, well Mark helped us make better choices and made more money than if we went with a base price option or for sale by owner. We couldn’t have been more happy to have Mark on our side through  the entire process. Mark’s passion for the business sets him apart from everyone else. Get him on your side!


– R. Crum.

Mark is perfection! This is the second time we have worked with him in both buying and selling capacities and it couldn’t have gone smoother. Mark knows his stuff and knows the market. He was able to find and negotiate a house for us that was our Dream House and was sought after by many other  people. He also sold our current house in one day for a substantial amount of money over asking. We couldn’t be more thrilled with Mark. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and a shrewd negotiator. He is always up-to-date with market trends and made the buying and selling process a pure pleasure. We have recommended him to numerous friends and family and they have been ecstatic with his work as well. I would never use another realtor other than Mark! I guarantee that if you use him, he will give you 110% and exceed all expectations!

-A. Englander.

My wife and I could not be any more pleased with an agent than we were with Mark Baker! Mark’s knowledge of the market in Denver and surrounding area is amazing! He knows how homes are priced and whether they are high vs. low. He is constantly doing his research. We started our search with Mark  in November by giving him some requirements on what we were looking for. By early December, Mark and team found a home that matched our needs. After our first showing, we decided to put in an offer. We trusted Mark with every step of the way – asking price (should we go lower/higher?), time for response, etc. This paid off for us in a big way! We were able to secure our home with our offer – UNDER asking price. After the initial negotiations were done and we were under contract, Mark and team took care of us the entire way to closing! Mark only gets people that he trusts to assist on his team – inspectors, etc. With a few minor issues in the inspection, Mark was able to get another $5k for us on the purchase price! He is a firm, but respectful negotiator. Throughout the entire process, Mark’s team was in communication with us on paperwork, deadlines, etc. His team pays very close attention to their customers, and understands the process they are going through. I wouldn’t recommend another agent in the Denver area besides Mark Baker! He’s the best!


-W. Russ

Mark came highly recommended and surpassed every expectation. His experience and expertise were the sole reason my offer was accepted. Throughout the closing process, Mark stayed on top of each step, excelled with all negotiations, and was always available to answer questions. I look forward to  working with him again in the future.


-N. Schoemer

Mark was more than we could have asked for or expected in a realtor. He never stopped negotiating and working on our behalf throughout the entire process. He has a team in place to make sure that no detail or deadline is missed and I always appreciated Mark listening to our needs and finding  properties (sometimes outside the box) until we found the perfect place. That type of knowledge and vision is hard to find! Working with Mark was such a welcomed experience compared to other realtors we had worked with in the past. We wouldn’t look into buying or selling our properties with anyone else.


-B. Blaustein

I have dealt with many agents previous to Mark and have found Mark Baker to be far superior in all respects. His knowledge of market trends, his negotiating skills, and understanding of my preferences all combine to make Mark Baker the best agent in Denver.


-D. McCandless

Mark was such a pleasure to work with. He was both our buyer’s agent and our listing agent. He is the third agent I have worked with and I am convinced that I will never work with anyone else. Mark goes above and beyond for his clients! On the seller’s side, his listings truly shine. He knows what  buyers are looking for and as a result, our condo was sold for above the asking price in less than a day. On the buyer’s side Mark is the hardest working buyer’s agent I have ever seen. My husband and I gave him our house budget and specifications and Mark got right to work. Mark went to look at over 30 houses within our specifications and picked the best five to show us. It was so wonderful to have him weed out houses for us and only show us ones that he truly believed we would love! It saved us so much valuable time. Mark never showed us a house that he would not consider buying himself.

Another aspect of Mark’s process that I really admire is that he respected our budget and only showed us houses that fit within this range. I have seen many agents show their clients houses that are out of their budget in order to increase the commission that they are paid. Mark does not do this! He wants every buyer to feel comfortable with their new home, both the living space and financially.

I must also mention that Mark has a background in construction. I never realized how valuable this asset is until it came time for our home inspection. Mark knows the inspectors to use and knows what to look for in order for his clients to purchase a home that is in tip-top shape. If there are repairs that are needed on a home Mark knows where to send his clients to get them the best value and will be instrumental in helping clients ease this stress.

All in all, I can’t say enough about how hard Mark works for his clients. He truly will not rest until they are satisfied. This is a rare quality to find in someone these days. My husband and I loved working with him. We are smitten with our new house and have been recommending Mark to all of our friends. Please give Mark Baker a call. I know you will enjoy working with him and much as we did!


-A. Englander.

Mark was excellent! In this seller’s market, we needed his expertise and selling tactics to really push the envelope for our sellers. We were able to get the house of our dreams! Our kids still talk about Mark like he is extended family or something because he was so kind to them and tremendously responsive/detail-oriented. 


-Cloud Family